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What are Hormones and What Do They Do?

Hormones are chemical messengers that control nearly all processes in the body. They are produced by various glands and organs including the thyroid, adrenals, pituitary, ovaries, and testes. Hormones travel through the bloodstream coordinating complex functions like growth, metabolism, reproduction, cognition, and more.

When hormones fall out of balance, wide-ranging symptoms can result. Both men and women may experience issues like:

If you relate to some of these common concerns, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may help.

Diagnosing Hormone Imbalances

Pinpointing the cause of symptoms requires testing key hormones using blood, saliva, or urine samples.

At Vital Hormone Clinic, your initial 90-minute new patient visit will be with one of our experienced hormone therapists. We take time to:

After your hormone panel results return, we construct a customized treatment plan addressing imbalances. Follow-up consultations may also incorporate nutritional counseling, fitness planning, or sleep guidance depending on what is suitable for your needs.

We are a designated hormone replacement specialist clinic with years of expertise balancing hormones for optimal wellness. Our holistic perspective looks at the big picture while considering each patient’s unique biology and circumstances.

Our services

Reclaim your balance with hormone replacement therapy today.

Who May Benefit From HRT?

Many adults can benefit from HRT to relieve troublesome symptoms associated with hormone imbalance like:

Menopausal Women

Declining estrogen and progesterone levels commonly trigger hot flashes, vaginal atrophy, emotional shifts, interrupted sleep, and osteoporosis risk during perimenopause and menopause. Bioidentical hormone therapy can effectively help minimize these changes.

Andropausal Men

Testosterone levels gradually fall about 1% per year after age 30. Low testosterone promotes abdominal fat storage, muscle loss, low energy, reduced sexual function, and depression in some men. Testosterone replacement therapy under medical supervision may significantly improve quality of life.

Thyroid Disorder Patients

An under or overactive thyroid impacts weight, cholesterol, gastrointestinal function, menstrual regularity, cardiac risk factors, and feeling cold or tired. Optimizing thyroid hormone regulation is key.

Those Recovering From Stress

High levels of the stress hormone cortisol can lead to blood sugar dysregulation, memory impairment, and suppressed reproductive hormones. Adrenal support may be beneficial.

Additional Hormone Imbalance Possibilities

Abnormal prolactin, growth hormone, or DHEA sulfate levels can also create undesirable symptoms. We conduct thorough testing to uncover any issues.

Our goal is identifying solutions to get your hormones back in balance and feeling your best again.

Elements of HRT Treatment Plans

HRT protocols are individualized based on symptoms, lab work, health factors, and treatment goals such as:

Relieving Hot Flashes

Hormone balancing doctors may suggest:

Improving Sexual Function

Hormone replacement specialists often recommend: - Testosterone therapy - Medications like Viagra or Addyi - Estrogen for vaginal health - Counseling for psychological issues

Building Bone Density

Hormone therapists may prescribe:

Regaining Energy and Mental Clarity

Treatment tactics from hormone doctors can include:

We utilize bioidentical hormones, pharmaceuticals, and holistic techniques as needed.

bioidentical HRT Formulations We Offer

There are numerous bioidentical hormone therapy preparations including:

These bioidentical compounds closely match human hormones at the molecular level, so they can seamlessly bind receptors throughout the body.

We advise patients on proper administration instructions for their customized regimens. Then follow-up blood tests help gauge adjustment needs.

Restore balance with hormone replacement therapy today.

HRT Monitoring and Safety

While HRT demonstrates excellent efficacy for many bothersome symptoms, it does require oversight. We schedule follow-up blood work and consults based on what someone is using including:

Estrogen Monitoring

Too much estrogen elevates health risks, so we check levels and watch for signs of excess like spotting.

Testosterone Monitoring

Hematocrit and prostate markers need occasional testing on testosterone therapy.

Thyroid Monitoring

Both too much and too little thyroid medication can cause adverse effects. Thyroid lab tests help guide optimal dosing.

By regularly examining hormone levels and symptoms, we ensure therapy is working safely.

Supportive Care for Best Hormone Health

In addition to HRT, we offer guidance on lifestyle measures supporting wellness:


An anti-inflammatory diet high in produce, healthy fats and lean protein tends to assist hormone health. Certain supplements like magnesium or DHEA may also be recommended.


Regular physical activity keeps muscles, joints and bones strong while stimulating beneficial hormone activity and metabolism. We suggest personalized fitness plans.

Stress Relief

High cortisol excessive takes a toll, so learning to activate the relaxation response through yoga, meditation, massage therapy, etc. is wise.

Quality Sleep

Getting enough high quality sleep allows the body to properly produce hormones and recover from the demands of life. We provide sleep hygiene guidance as required.

A multifaceted approach works hand-in-hand with HRT for optimal hormone wellness.

Why Vital Hormone Clinic Stands Out

When searching for the best fit for your HRT needs, consider what distinguishes Vital Hormone Clinic:

We invite you to meet with one of our hormone experts to explore your options. Our passion is helping patients enjoy balanced hormones and better living.


Hormone issues can develop at any age prompting undesirable symptoms negatively impacting quality of life. Safe, effective solutions are available.

Hormone replacement therapists specializing in bioidentical hormone therapy can successfully rebalance your estrogen, testosterone, thyroid, cortisol and other hormones for noticeable improvements.

Vital Hormone Clinic provides cutting-edge testing, an array of treatment modalities, and compassionate guidance tailored to your needs.

Contact us today to start feeling your best again!

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